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Integrating Mindfulness Into Daily Life

Ever feel overwhelmed by the daily grind? Grab this ebook, “Integrating Mindfulness into Daily Life,” and start living your best life. Packed with simple, actionable tips, it’s your guide to less stress and more joy, every day. Whether you’re struggling to maintain focus or just want to improve your well-being , this ebook is your gateway to a more mindful existence. Learn how to weave mindfulness into every part of your day, from morning routines to night-time reflections.


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Meet Maya Greenfield

Your Guide to Mindfulness

I am Maya Greenfield, a 34-year-old meditation instructor and mental wellness coach. With a foundation in Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, I embarked on a transformative journey after experiencing mindfulness in the tranquil confines of a monastery during a school trip.

Traveling across Asia to learn from spiritual leaders deepened my commitment to mental well-being. I now bridge modern psychology with ancient spiritual practices in my serene writings. Beyond my teachings, I find solace in nature hikes and share meditative moments on my social media platforms.